As many of you know, my wife and I decided to move to Las Vegas, NV this year, and in the process American Junk Solutions® was moved as well.

It was a hard decision leaving behind family, friends and great clients, but we could no longer tolerate the long cold, snowy, icy winters in Frederick County, MD, as well as the humidity during the summer.

In the past few years it seemed as if winters were getting longer and colder, and we no longer had springs as the temperatures seemed to jump from the 40s to the 90s within days.

The last straw was this past spring when we had 20 consecutive days of non-stop rain and dark cloudy days. My wife and I suffer from seasonal depression, so this didn’t help. The business also suffered during those days as well as during the winter season.

The decision to move to Las Vegas was the best decision we’ve ever made as we have an average of 320 days a year of pure, gorgeous sunshine.

My wife and I decided to take a few months off when we arrive to Las Vegas in July 2016. But now after months of fighting the system (sort of speak), getting all licenses, permits and insurance in order, American Junk Solutions® is finally in business and looking forward to meeting a new wave of great clients in this awesome Las Vegas Valley.

Below are a few pictures from the move from Frederick, MD to Las Vegas, NV back in June/July 2016. Enjoy…

Felix Soto, owner/founder​

Picture of American Junk Solutions Logo

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