This has been the BEST house clean-out to-date.

Last week we cleaned out this house built in 1745.. Yup, 1745. BEFORE Independence Day!

There’s a lot of history in this house. Although people claim that is haunted, people hear noises, and at one time someone saw a guy standing inside the house, we didn’t experience anything 🙁

It is located on Ray Smith Rd. in Frederick, MD. The road is named after the original owner who sold part of the land.

One of the families who lived there was the Reichs, which you now know as Reichs Ford Rd. in Frederick, MD.

We also know that one person hung himself in that house in the 1800’s (I think).

One of the attics has a little room which is where the slaves lived. The other attic has a “witches’ escape”.. pretty cool.

The basement is where they hid the horses during the revolutionary war.

I tell you one thing. Even though we didn’t experience anything paranormal, being in the house (especially the basement) by yourself gives you the heebie-jeebies.

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